Smarten Up Games


Smarten Up is founded on a pretty basic principle - learning should be fun.  That’s why we created Smarten Up Games.  Our goal is to inspire a love of Math and Reading in young children so that they may grow into confident, curious lifelong learners ... and we put the tools to do it in your hands!

With Smarten Up Games you no longer have to choose between workbooks and screens for your child.  We are pioneers of the Slow Game Movement; we wholeheartedly believe in the value of a good old-fashioned board game, and we are really good at making them!  Not only do our Smarten Up materials promote academic development, they also support social-emotional growth and foster the ability to focus.  So whether you and your child play the games together, or he plays with a friend, our resources will help him become both a better student and classmate. Each one of our Smarten Up game packs comes with a fun and engaging selection of games to keep your child motivated and engaged. Just check out some of the same game boards and card sets below.  Get started now.


K Game Cards                             CVC Game Cards                             1st Grade Mixed Cards                                 Reading Assessment Cards