The Never Girls: In a Blank


For my first review, I want to tell you about Book 1 of the The Never Girls series, In a Blink.   In the book, this girl named Gabby finds a tulip on a windy day.  On the flower she discovered a fairy, whom she speaks with.  Her sisters think she is crazy, but Gabby knows what she saw.  

The fairy visits the girls the next day, and ends up taking them to Never Land where they spend the day.  The fairies from Never Land end up becoming friends with the four girls named Kate, Gabby, Lainey, and Mia.  The magical fairies sprinkle them with pixie dust and they even get to fly! But, then they have to return home, and that is the end of the book.

I did not love this book.  I thought that the characters were not very interesting.  There also was not a lot of action.  I did enjoy the little girl named Gabby.  She seemed very cute, and she wore her fairy wings wherever she went.  But, that was the best part.  I would not recommend this series for other girls my age.  

Now, I am reading a book called Smile.  I am LOVING it!  I will be sure to write a review as soon as I finish.