Back to School Math Apps for All Ages

All-too-soon summer break is coming to an end.  Some students will be entering the classroom for the first time, while others will be returning to learn all sorts of new and challenging skills.  What do they all have in common?  Math!  Below are some of our favorite new apps to develop mathematical confidence in any child, toddler through tween ...


Preschool: Love to Count

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With the help of some cute little pirates, Love to Count presents Math within the context of real-world problem-solving.  This creative app reinforces the concept of numbers as indicators of place, time, weight and quantity, thereby enhancing a child's natural urge to find order in the world around them.  In this way, this great resource will help your little one develop a positive relationship with Math as an enjoyable, rewarding, and meaningful activity.  Solving these logical puzzles will play an important part in your child's development and help build their confidence at this early stage of schooling.



Elementary School: Mystery Math Town

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Your mission: Help a friendly and curious little ghost rescue the fireflies that are hidden in Mystery Math Town.  This fun app challenges players to use their arithmetic skills to unlock rooms and passages on an enchanting and mysterious journey.  But, what's great about this resource is that students don't just tap solutions, they have to actually build equations, thereby reinforcing problem-solving skills and number sense.  For each mystery solved, students will earn a talking portrait of one of the many the townspeople for their Gallery. Every picture has a story to tell, and the colorful cast of characters in Mystery Math Town have plenty to say!  Plus, the evolving plot provides a great motivator to keep students motivated and engaged.



Tweens and Beyond: Number Stax

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Number Stax is like Tetris, but with math. The app challenges players to drop numbers and operators in logical places--or swap them around--until the board is full.  This addicting game is great for improving computational speed and learning to plan logical sequences, in addition to practicing plain old arithmetic and problem-solving.