DragonBox Algebra

The first time a child sees Algebra it can be really intimidating.  This subject they know as Math, which has been made up of solely numbers to date, suddenly has mysterious letters pop up.  But they aren't just xs and ys, they are actually variables that represent unknown values.  It is a pretty hard concept to introduce, let alone understand, but now it doesn't have to be.

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Here's how it works.  DragonbBox Algebra is made up of five worlds, each of which has 20 different levels.  As you progress through each one,  you help dragons grow from little hatchlings into full-sized majestic creatures.  To do this, you must isolate a little sparkling star on the screen onto its own side.  You see, each level of the game begins with a screen that is split in half (which is like the "equals" sign in an algebraic equation) and filled with a number of “cards” with different images on both sides.  On the first levels all you have to do is tap the cards and they magically disappear, but as you progress you’ll start to get some “night” versions of cards — drag these onto the “day” versions and they become green swirls, which you already know how to handle.  

After beating a bunch of these simple levels and building up some confidence, you’ll get a few cards down at the bottom which you have to drag onto the two sides of the screen — but whenever you drag a card onto one side, you have to also drag a copy to the other side as well (which refers to the golden rule that what you do to one side of the equation must also be done to the other). 


So you see, with DragonBox Algebra the scary looking Math is hidden by cute little pictures until you understand the concept.  This amazing app turns Algebra into problem-sovling fun, which is just what it should be.  With options for children as young as 5, and a more advanced version of the game for students 12+, take advantage of what is left of the summer and get your kids hooked on Math today!