Musical Express: the Sound Track

Not only is music a pleasure to listen to, it is also an excellent tool for learning.  Kids can use rythmic patterns to learn about fractions, they can create song lyrics to use as a mnemonic device to aid in memorization, music therapy can help children with communication, attention, motivation, and behavioral problems ... the possibilities are endless.  And into this well-established field enters the Sound Track.


In 2009, Ricardo Seola developed the concept for the Sound Track as a part his final project for his industrial design course at Scuolda Politecnica di Design in Milan.  "One of the most important aspects of my childhood was playing with musical toys," Seola remembers. "I wanted to come up with an intuitive toy, where every action made while playing it produced a clear musical reaction."  Not only does the Sound Track achieve this mission, it does so with a beautiful and developmentally supportive design.


"Kids love to see things happen right in front of their eyes, and hear things happen with their ears," Seola says, and with the Sound Track they will be able to do just that.  With adjustable notes on each track, children will be able to write songs by shifting pegs into different positions.  They can either organize the Sound Track to play classic nursery rhymes like "Mary Had a Little Lamb" using the included "song" book, or they can create tunes of their own, which the train will then play back for them as they push it along the track.  



The Sound Track should be available for purchase from Quirky later this year.