Making Makers out of Your Kids


The summer of Making and Connecting is in full swing, and there is no better time than the present to plant the seeds for inspiration.  While in the pre-digital olden times "success" and professional accomplishment required endless schooling and putting in one's time to "work up the ladder," the leaders of the 21st century will be those that can think outside-of-the-box; with teenagers building apps and selling them for millions, college dropouts creating the resources and devices that drive our lifestyle, and kids building tools for the Google Science Fair that could change the world, the possibilities for capable tinkerers and makers are seemingly infinite.  Here are a few of our favorite resources to help get you started ...

instructables.gif offers a little bit of everything.  From battery-powered DIY projects to delicious recipes,  homemade games and crafts to MacGyver problem-solving tools, this site offers great step-by-step visual and written directions to create just about anything!


Make is a similarly amazing hotbed of inspirational opportunity.   With a magazine, blog, Maker Faire's, and Maker kits, this resource is sure to get the Maker juices flowing!


Last but not least, don't forget to visit Makerspace  to discover other great Maker opportunities and resources near you!  And please send us pictures and descriptions of all your amazing creations!!!