Comics for Kids

Comic books are a great resource to get even the most hesitant of readers and writers interested in ELA activities.  They feature a ton of picture support, limited text, and they manage to tell a simple, but engaging story.  In this way, comics are the perfect foundation upon which teachers and students can build a love of language.  Here are some of our favorite digital resources to get your kids hooked ...

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Marvel's Create Your Own Comic puts all of the amazing Marvel characters at your disposal.  Kids can choose the image layout on each page, add backgrounds, characters, and text and they will have a comic masterpiece in no time.  Once their finished, user's have the option to embed, email, print, or download their creation so their creation may take on a tangible and public life of its own.  Pretty excellent!  Plus, on the same site kids can read through a pretty wide selection of free digital DC comics.  It's a win-win.


For the more advanced or ambitious comic aficionado there is Pixton.  This amazing site allows for maximal customization with minimal work from scratch.  So whereas with the Marvel site children must choose from a limited set of characters, backgrounds, and poses, with Pixton they can adapt any included feature to suit their needs - from moving character limbs into new postures and customizing eyes, ears, noses and hairstyles to changing the collar on a character's shirt!  And as if that weren't enough, comic makers can even add images from Flickr or Google images.  With Pixton the possibilities are endless.


While there are a ton of sites that feature endless amount of free comic books for download, not all of them are kid friendly.  Go Comics is.  They feature a huge selection of great comic reading to choose from, like Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, Ziggy, plus over a hundred more in the A-Z Listings. You can search for comics by month and year, and even subscribe to the ones you like.  And with new content added daily, kids will never be able to complain about a lack of interesting content!