Origami and Learning

First off, origami is just cool.  To take a flat piece of paper, and turn it into a recognizable three dimensional object through simple folds is a pretty amazing feat.  On top of that, origami is an excellent educational tool to support both academic and social-emotional growth.  Froebel, the founder of Kindergarten, considered the manipulation of paper as a mean for children to discover for themselves the principles of math and geometry; while Piaget, the developmental psychologist, noted, "motor activity in the form of skilled movements is vital to the development of intuitive thought and the mental representation of space."  Put simply, origami is a win-win.  So where do you start?  Here are a few ideas ...

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The How to Make Origami app, available for both Apple and Android devices, offers over 70 free tutorials.  With step-by-step directions that are clear and easy to follow, everyone from children to adults can become origami masters in no time!


This paperback book features a collection of 32 projects for novice origami hobbyists, with clearly illustrated with easy-to-follow instructions that even beginning papercrafters can follow.  Plus, by constructing the models in this book, kids not only learn to create various paper works such as fish, birds, boats, windmills, but they will also develop familiarity with the basic origami folds and techniques that are used in the more complicated constructions.  

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And a little inspiration: