There are a lot of online learning resources out there, and it is often hard to sift through and identify the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly!  That is why it is so great to find a resource that offers one-stop-shopping.  


Mangahigh is a completely free, online website that offers a wide range of engaging Math games and learning resources for students in elementary and middle school.  Learners are introduced to new lessons with scaffolding, and then progress towards applied work, supported by specific hints and worked solutions throughout.  Plus, teachers can set up classroom accounts to assign homework, track results, and identify ares of weakness for each individual student.  In that way, it's like a slightly less analytical, but way more fun and engaging IXL or Khan Academy.  


Another great characteristic of Mangahigh, that really reinforces the gaming focus of the site, is a social component that allows schools to enter into “math combat” with one another. Called “Fai-Tos,” competitions (named after a “fight” chant Japanese students might yell during a sports match and pronounced “fie-TOO”) these are are competitions in which students from two schools compete to achieve the highest total score in a particular game.  It is just the sort of thing students might become obsessed with, and with such a strong learning focus that is a very great thing!  

So set up your teacher account today, and let us know what you think ...