The Summer of Making and Connecting


The title says it all.  This summer, adults and children alike have the opportunity to learn by doing, experience by making, and connect by engaging with participants in The Summer of Making and Connecting.  The project will include hundreds of events, projects and programs in communities across the nation, around the world, and online to help youth connect learning to their interests and to enable teachers to learn from and network with other innovative peers.  And with major advocates of 21st century learning – including the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur FoundationMozilla, the National Writing Project, to name a few – behind the scenes putting the wheels into motion, this Connected Learning event is sure to be pretty spectacular.  

The campaign will engage hundreds of thousands of people in creating things on the web, with hardware, and on paper—working in schools and community spaces and at kitchen tables. And with countless organizations from the worlds of DIY, making, writing, and learning hosting workshops and events, participants are sure to get a snapshot of our educational future.  

A kickoff event in New York City is planned for June 15, when cultural organizations that are part of Hive NYC Learning Network will host a Hive Pop-Up.  “Picture a food court for learning,” said Chris Lawrence, senior director of the Mozilla Webmaker Mentor Community.  “Different organizations will set up tables and bring their best interactive making and digital projects.”  Similar events will happen during the summer in locations across the country.  

The Summer of Making and Connecting is all about learning for learners, building curiosity, and planting the seeds for inspiration.  I'll be there.  Will you?  To learn more follow the link ...