Conquering Writer's Block in the Classroom

Writer's block is the pits.  There are few feelings worse than the pressure to produce a piece of writing, let alone a brilliant one, when your mind just refuses to cooperate.  And, the writer's block experience can be even more stressful for young children who are less familiar with the entire writing experience.  In large part, that is why teachers use story starters and similar writing prompts in the classroom, and the new Write About This app can provide kids with some author's inspiration and so much more!

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The app opens to a menu page with several options; students or teachers can find a topic by doing a general search, reviewing categories (there are 19 options!), or selecting a random prompt.  From there, the user is presented with an engaging, large format photo with their selected prompt on the bottom of the screen. Students can then tap the "Voice" button to have the prompt read aloud (great for non readers), or the "Write" button to add a title, author, and then begin their writing.  

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Prompts range from simple listing challenges, to more complex persuasive writing exercises which makes Write About This a great app for children of all ages.  Plus, in addition to the nearly 200 starters included in the app, teachers and students have the option to develop their own prompts with photos and texts.  Kids can write (or dictate) and email their pieces directly from the app which really streamlines the entire writing process.


Download the app today, and hopefully you'll never have to see another miserable face during a writing exercise again!