Apps and Websites to Support Emergent Readers

Learning to read is exciting, but it can also be frustrating at the same time.  Kids want to be able to make sense of the text that surrounds them and read books to themselves in order to gain a bit of independence.  Unfortunately, so much of want they want to be able to do and understand is beyond their limitations.  That is just one of the reasons why books on tape were such a great invention for emergent readers when they were created way-back-when; and like most things in life, computers and tablets have upped the ante to make the early reading experience that much better.  Here are two of our favorite resources ...



MeeGenius! is essentially like a digital library (and librarian!) for your child.  Available   online or as an app on just about any tablet, MeeGenius! adds a whole new dimension to story time.  With hundreds of digitized children's stories, all complete with illustrations, optional read aloud/read along support, and word highlighting, this resource has the power to enchant your child and build their interest and knowledge of text without any parent or teacher support (beyond purchasing).  It is an amazingly great educational option for keeping young ones busy, without having to rely on a TV screen or video games.  

Highlights Kids Online


Highlights magazine has been an amazing printed resource for children since the 40s, and the digital version is even better!  In addition to online games and at-home activity suggestions, the Highlights website has a library of free digitized books with audio and highlighted word support.  The selection is not as large as the one on MeeGenius!, but every book is free.  So, if your child is a bit more hesitant about making the jump into "independent" reading, Highlights is a really great introductory option. 


With such amazing resources available, why not help your child grow from a hesitant emergent reader to a confident independent "reader" today?!