Typing Skills for Kids


Typing/keyboard skills are a requisite in this day and age.  With them, not only does writing become a breeze, but a child will also learn valuable computer skills and develop technological confidence.  Of course, with the abundance of tablets and igadgets, comfort with screens is more or less a given; but, just because a child can plan an app or tap letters, it doesn't mean that he or she knows how to effectively use the keyboard.  Though it’s generally believed that they may not have the motor coordination or finger span to truly touch type until about seven or eight years of age, there is nothing wrong with starting early.  Here are a few of our favorite resources ...


Fun to Type is an amazing website filled with all sorts of free typing fun.  There are 19 different activities for kids to choose from, all of which can be adapted to target a range of keyboarding skills from specific rows to all letters, and even the number pad.  If you aren't quite ready to commit to a program, and you are looking for a casual way to introduce your child to a more structured approach to touch typing, Fun to Type has your name all over it!


Typing Web is a more complete, free, online typing resource.  Complete with lessons, games, statistics to track your progress, and more, Typing Web is a pretty incredible resource for children and adults alike.  The only downside ... ads.  But with a one time payment of $9.99 you can even have those turned off.   


For a more completely kid focused instructional package, we have had great success using Typing Instructor for Kids.  Available both online and as a downloadable/installable program, Typing Instructor brings kids to Typer Island, an exciting place for children to learn how to type.  With five different lands to explore on their way to the castle, students will have to conquer all sorts of typing challenges with the support of explicit keyboarding lessons.  Once inside the great castle, children can try their hand at even more activities and games that will help them refine their typing skills.  The program keeps track of individual scores, provides motivating rewards for each accomplishment, and our students absolutely LOVE it!

What are your favorite typing resources?