LetterSchool and the Lost Art of Penmanship

Penmanship used to be a valued skill - kids worked on it in school and were even given awards for their achievements.  Nowadays, however, with laptops and iPads, handwriting is no longer a valued component of the elementary school curriculum.  But does that mean kids don't need to learn it?  Absolutely not.  While it is all too easy to image all the ways that pen and paper has and will be pushed aside, I just can't imagine that our sturdy writing tools will be abandoned anytime soon.  The lesson of this story ... kids need to learn how to write neatly!


Enter LetterSchool, a universal app designed for teaching young children proper handwriting technique in a fun, non-traditional way.  The app can be set up for multiple users, and can teach various handwriting styles (D’Nealian, HWT or Zaner-Bloser) and letters or numbers (uppercase, lowercase, numbers 1-10).  LetterSchool uses a super supportive, multiple step learning approach. The letter, or number, is first introduced, then the child taps on the dots and watches how the letter is to be written. The student is then given the opportunity to trace the letter and then write it free-form (with guidance), and if necessary, there are always arrows that can be used for extra support.  As the child is working through the letters and numbers they do not need to be done in consecutive order.  This offers schools, or parents, the flexibility to work on and reward a “letter of the week," which could be a great motivator!

So why not bring back the lost art of penmanship?  Kids need to learn how to write, and now they can actually have fun doing it!