Learning Multiplication

Multiplication is a fairly simple concept that can often seem overwhelming.  But with these helpful tips and tricks your children and students will be multiplying in no time!

Begin by introducing your captive audience to the foundations of multiplication with your Gummy Bear Multiplication game.  In the activity, kids will be challenged to identify factors  by translating arrays and groups into a multiplication sentence.  We suggest providing students with a multiplication chart for support, but encouraging them to find the product of each problem using what they already know - repeated addition!

Once kids understand what multiplication is and why it's helpful, it's time to get down to the facts ... the multiplication facts that is!  It's good for kids to see multiplication tables and it's ok to have them practice solving problems on worksheets, but it is so much more fun to inject a bit of energy and play into the memorization process.  We love to use the Multiplication Rock songs and videos from Schoolhouse Rock, and the video games at www.multiplication.com!

After that it's just practice, practice, practice!