PBS LearningMedia

Kids + Computers + PBS LearningMedia = A great way to get a lot of really productive learning accomplished.  Here are a few of our favorite activities on the site ...

Bugs in the System provides students with a fun way to practice graphing.  It is difficult to find a fun, game-based way to practice this important math skill, and PBS did a really great job with this simple and engaging little activity.

The Train Game offers students with a new way to practice building and structuring sentences.  Instead of pen and paper or workbook activities, kids can complete the train track by putting the broken sentence in the correct order.    

Through the two main Web site interactive games, children will be able to create their own unique land, air or water-dwelling EekoCreature, help the creature overcome environmental issues, and explore their own EekoHouse, a simulation resembling their real home life that shows how decisions they make affect the environment and their EekoCreature.

With the election race not too far off, it is important for kids to understand the role the president plays in the United States, and what his day to day responsibilities are like.  With President for a Day, students have the opportunity to role play the president for a day, making decisions about different events that a president might actually experience (meetings with Cabinet members, speeches to the public, bowling in the White House).