Crafty Wednesdays: Modern Mobile

Introduce your little one to the masterpieces mobiles of Alexander Calder (images below), and then try your hand with this simple project from Todd Oldham's book Kid Made Modern.  



-2 Wire Hangers and wire cutter

-Sticky-back foam (you can find this at most craft stores)

-6 feet of yarn

-Glitter and markers to decorate if you want!


Step 1: Ask an adult to cut your wire hangers into 6 pieces.  2 long (the straight bottom of the hanger), and 4 short (the diagonal tops of the hangers)

Step 2: Place two sheets of foam back to back, and cut into the shape of your choice.

Step 3: Remove the foam on one piece and place the sticky side on top of a wire 1.5 inches in.  Remove the sticker on the matching piece and stick the two together.

Step 4: Continue for the rest of the wire pieces, making sure to place similarly sized pieces on either side of each wire so that they will balance well!

Step 5: Make a slight bend in the middle of each wire.

Step 6: Grab your yarn and tie a double knot at the bottom of your wires.  Then tie knots around the wires every few inches, leaving 4 feet on the end for hanging.  Adjust the balance as necessary by bending the wires!