Beakman's World and Project Based Learning


Beekman's World  was an educational TV show that made learning cool.  It was the perfect mix of comedy and science, action and weirdness.  With the help of his assistants Josie and Lester the Rat, Beakman would use animation, interviews with famous dead scientists, and experiments to illustrate all sorts of scientific principles; and to make sure that kids didn't miss out on any implicit messages, Professor I.M. Boring would also occasionally stop by to discuss the scientific principles at work in Beakman's laboratory.  Besides being totally entertaining, Beakman's World was also totally great because each episode was structured to answer a question sent in by a viewer via snail mail.  It was like the perfect project based learning science classroom !

Sure, the show is pretty immature and at moments overwhelming to the senses, but that is what makes it such a perfect learning tool for kids.  It doesn't seem like school, it doesn't feel like education, it appears to be pure entertainment that simply brainwashes kids into learning/being interested in science!  Perfect.

Sadly, while Beakman's World is no longer on the air, it is available to stream on Netflix (woo hoo!).  So, the ball is in your court ... sit your children or students down in front of a screen somewhere, and inspire them with a new-found love of science!  I promise they won't mind.