While Math is important, Science is inspiring, and every child needs to learn a bit about the world, our 21st century children also need to learn more 21st century skills in school and by that i mean technology. While the job market is tough, there is an ever-increasing need capable minds in the fields of science, math, and engineering.  And with a resource like Codecademy out there, there is no reason for kids to not learn about programming.  It isn't just an easy way to build your own creations and companies (and become the next Mark Zuckerberg) - it’s also one of the best routes to securing a high-paying job. A 2011 report by the White House stated, “Long-term prospects for employment in networking and information technology (NIT) occupations in the United States are exceedingly strong.”  But these jobs aren't just for the future, they exist today - computer-engineering majors are the highest-paid college graduates, with average salaries averaging $70,400 in 2011. And salaries have steadily been increasing by more than 1% a year.  That all sounds pretty good to me.


It's free, simple, and by far the easiest way to learn code.  There is no reason not to start today!