By Aidan

Have you ever been "dresscoded"?  This rule is unfair to women, and has effects in various schools, but in the end, if people want to wear whatever they want, they should. So there are many arguments about why dress codes are good and bad, and I agree with both sides.

Dress codes are unfair to women that want to wear what they want to. On United Airlines, they have banned the use of leggings on aircraft. Women are outraged because that's the most comfortable thing to wear on a plane, but United thinks it's "inappropriate". Puma says "we fly in our leggings" and offered 20% off leggings if customers brought their United flight tickets in March to April. Puma realizes that their customers can't bring their leggings on United, and empathizes for them. It is sexist that women have dress codes, but the public feels that women who look "underdressed" may be a victim of sexual assault. Although this is a major problem everywhere, women shouldn't be assaulted because of what they wear. Women's clothes are being restricted in various places, but also to students in school.

School dress codes are good, but students want to express themselves. In certain schools, you need to wear uniforms to stay in school. This may feel uncomfortable for some students, because they are not wearing their own clothes, but it helps teachers know what school you are from. In schools that don't have uniforms, they have dress codes, like, no shorts above your knees. I honestly support this because it is inappropriate to show too much skin. Even though students may not enjoy dress codes and uniforms, it's for the best. 

Outside of school, you should decide what you want to wear, and nobody else. Vannesa Friedman argues "I am representing me, and I get to wear what I want, when I want." So, this proves that the public doesn't decide what you want to wear. Some people wear religious clothing, but others don't like that. Just because people are wearing religious clothing, like the niqab, doesn't make them a threat, even though many people think so. I feel it doesn't matter what you wear. It's what you want to wear.

Dress codes are good and bad, and I agree with both sides. It's unfair to women, although it can be helpful in school, outside, you should really get to wear what you want. Hopefully, in the future, people will realize that others have the right to express themselves.

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By Gaby

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 3.17.33 PM.png

Have you ever been piled up with too much homework and then had to stay up late to finish? Well, let me tell you most kids spend more than threehours on homework a night. When a student gets home they usually sit down at the table and pull out their homework. Piles of papers rise all the way to the ceiling. “Do I have to do all of this tonight? It’s due tomorrow, but I can’t finish this all in time!” the student complains.  Kids are getting stressed out from too much homework, homework doesn’t help with grades. It sometimes it can make it worse, and you could rather be doing other things with your family. For all of these reasons, we should have lesshomework than what we have right now.

We should have less homework because kids are getting stressed out by the amount of homework they have.  According to a pediatrician,“Lack of sleep and health could also have a negative impact on school performance.  During class, it is not uncommon to see students resting their heads on their arms with their eyes shut, because of stress that they are getting from homework.”  This is from a lack of sleep, because they have to stay up late to do extra homework.  Therefore, students will have more homework and so have a hard time concentrating during school.  According to a parent, she has seen her son struggling with his homework, and then getting stressed out that he will get a bad grade on that homework, because he didn’t have enough time to finish.  She has noticed that her son has been acting strange since he started getting more homework.  Giving a child too much homework is like filling a kid’s backpack with rocks.  All of this shows that kids are having too much homework and they are freaking out and getting stressed out. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 3.17.28 PM.png

We should have less homework because homework doesn't help grades; it can even make your grades worse.  Kids are supposed to have 10 minutes of homework pergrade but kids are getting two to three times as much homework. 1st graders are supposed to have 10 minutes and 12th graders are suppose to have 120 minutes of homework.  This is proven from CNN whichsays that there is too much homework. Homework is proven not to help people with school work.  But if they stick to the ten minute rule, homework will help kids learn.   If kids stay up late, the next day they won't be able to focus in school, and then they will do even worse. What’s the point of too much homework when it doesn’t make your grades better? 

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 3.17.22 PM.png

We should have less homework because you could be doing other things in that time. The previous paragraph demonstrates that homework doesn’t help, so it’s just wasting your time.  You should be able to hang out with your friends and have family time.  This will be a good way to hang out, and maybe read with your parents, so you can get school work done but also socialize with family.   You could also get more sleeping time and play time so you can get your energy out, and since you are a kid you should be out in the open.  Therefore, sleeping will actually help you do better in school.  You could be doing other things in this time instead of homework and you get to hang out, socialize,  and be out in the open. These are things kids should do.

I believe that we should have less homework because you get stressed out from too much homework, you could do other things in this time, and it can make your grades even worse. Even though my reasons persuaded you to have less homework, would you still think it would be helpful to have a little bit of homework?





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I Think Pokemon Go is Bad

By Kaiser

Do you think Pokemon Go is good or bad?

Pokemon Go is the most played game ever with 7.2 million downloads in the first week, according to Fortune.com. Kids play Pokemon Go, teenagers play Pokemon Go, adults play Pokemon Go. I think Pokemon Go can take over lots of things because it puts you in dangerous situations, and I think it is bad for driving. I really think Pokemon Go is a bad, bad game. Pokemon Go is a bad, addicting game.

I think Pokemon Go can take over screen time and play time. I read that one kid that was playing Pokemon Go was playing for seven hours; it can make people want to play the game all the time. I think it stops kids from doing other things like going on trips. It makes kids not want to do things that they used to do. I read one New York Times commenter who said “if you're too focused on your phone and the game then you're not going to know about your surroundings and what's going in the world.” This shows that it can affect reality in the person's perspective.  I think there are much more real things that you can do instead of playing Pokemon Go.

I believe that Pokemon Go can put you into dangerous situations in the real world. I read that Jerson Lopez de Leon, 18, died after being shot along with his 17-year-old cousin. The two broke into a home in Guatemala in an attempt to catch a Pokémon, the Daily Mirror reported. The teen’s death is the first reported fatality related to the game. This proves that misusing Pokemon Go can be dangerous. I read that two men in their early 20s “fell an estimated 50 to 90 feet down a cliff in Encinitas,” while playing Pokemon Go. This is another way of Pokemon Go being dangerous. These examples prove Pokemon Go can put you into dangerous situations in the real world.

Pokemon Go is an AR game which is bad for driving. I know in Baltimore a driver that was playing Pokemon Go crashed into a car. I think AR  games can be good when you are playing in a building but it can be bad while driving. I read when you are driving you need to look at the road not play Pokemon Go. I think Pokemon Go can be a good game but you don’t play it while driving and balance screen time. This is proof that Pokemon Go is an AR game which is bad for driving

For all these reasons Pokemon Go is terrible. It takes over play time, and it puts you in dangerous situations. Pokemon Go can be harmless to some people but  it is too dangerous to be so popular.

How Dress Codes are Unfair to Girls!

By Sami

Have you ever been dress coded? Girls everywhere are being dress coded for the most unfair things in the world. Dress codes prevent freedom of the students. Dress codes don't work. These dress codes are so unfair to girls and should be removed. 

Dress codes are unfair to girls all over the world who havebeen dress coded for a tank top and shorts. This is unfair because BOYS CAN WEAR WHATEVER THEY WANT. They have the same rules as us, but they don't get dress coded. This is unfair, because this is America and we all have the same rights. And who wants to end up in a uniform? According to the Anti-Defamation League, “In recent years, a desire to stop conflict over designer labels and create a more “professional”  school environment resulted in dress codes and uniforms becoming morepopular.” This shows that unfair dress codes are on the rise. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 3.01.48 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 3.01.56 PM.png

Dress codes don't give the students the freedom of speech that they desire. People have to wear what the school says to wear and not what they want. School districts will lose most of the cases against parents and students if they where brought to court. At one high school dance, the girls could not wear dresses. Now that is what I call unfair! This was because they were afraid of what the girls were going to wear. But they have no clue what they would wear; they’re taking other things from other events and making it a part of this one. 

But if the girls wear the clothes that are primarily being offered to them, do we have a problem here? Many think we do, including Catherine Pearlman, a mother of two who wrote a funny letter to her daughter's middle school principal in a blog post for Today.com that was viewed more than 2 million times. Pearlman said “her daughter, now 13, had been told in the fall by a teacher that she couldn't wear yoga pants because the boys would get turned on and then be embarrassed.”


Catherine Pearlman's daughter in the shorts that she says violated her school's dress code.

Catherine Pearlman's daughter in the shorts that she says violated her school's dress code.

Then, for two days in a row, her daughter, who is 5 feet 7 inches tall, was told she violated the school's dress code for wearing shorts that were too short: They are supposed to be longer than students' fingertips when they have their arms at their sides. She had to put on boys' gym shorts instead and return to class. This shows that dress codes are unfair to girls and don't work. 

For all of these reasons, dress codes are unfair to girls. They are unfairly applied to girls, they restrict freedom of speech, and they don’t always work. Dress codes are like chains that keep everyone from being free. 








Los Angeles v. Mendez

By Ani

Imagine you were sleeping in your house, and you heard a knock at the door. Three police walk in and start shooting at you. How would you feel? Well that’s how Angel Mendez and his wife felt one night in 2010.  A recent development in this case changes the legal rights of police officers. After years of argument over the Mendez case, this decision will have an impact on future police invasions. The supreme court’s rulings strengthen the power of police, even if they make a mistake.

Recently, the Supreme Court has ruled that it is legal for a police officer to shoot you if you pull a toy gun in the case Los Angeles County v. Mendez.  In 2010, a police officer looking for a wanted man entered a house, saw a man holding a rifle sohe shot him, but it turns out he pulled a toy gun.  The legal situation of this was not really about the shooting. It was more about that at the when they pulled their triggers, the police must have believed that they were in danger. The reason that there was an argument in the first place is because the police entered without a warrant which isn't legal. This shows that the police made a mistake, but they might have felt unsafe when fake gun was pulled at them. The couple might have felt unsafe also when the police went into their house also. So it was like one big misunderstanding. All of these unexpected events caused lots of confusion and fear, and it resulted in this very interesting and legal case.

His case has taken many interesting turns. In 2010, Angel Mendez, who lost his right leg below the knee in the shooting sued the county and was awarded 4 million dollars because of the damage.  This decision satisfied the Mendez family and the county left it alone for seven years.  Seven years later, in 2017, the county took the money away after this new court case.  That is when the court ruled that is was legal for the police to go into the home. You might argue that it Is violating the fourth amendment because the police officers did not knock. The police still won the case. It wasn't really constitutional, but since the house was technically a shack, they might not have known.

Now that the supreme court has ruled that police men can just search your house, what does this mean for the people?  The future of police men barging into your house does not look good for the people.  If police can just legally just come in and search your house, how will that affect peoples private lives? For police men, this means more rights as you might guess. What the police men will do with their new rights is unknown. I hope the police men make good choices.

The end of this case gave police many more rights. The case did take seven years to make a final decision, but in the end, Los Angeles County won the case. Do you think that Mendez should have won the case, or the police were fully in their rights to enter the home and shoot. What does this case mean for every one else who are faced with a police invasion? 

Spinner Controversy

By Gaby


Have you joined the craze of fidget spinners? Well, they are no longer found in schools, though more than 30 million spinners have been sold. Schools banned them for negative reasons even though there are also positive reasons  according to pediatricians. After considering the facts you can choose what you think.

There are many pro’s about using fidget spinners at school. Fidget spinners help people stay focused, and  it can keep your hands busy, so you can focus on the teacher. This shows that they are positive to learning because kids with ADHD can learn more easily. Studies show that fidget spinners are a good social activity they make a lot kids feel included.  This shows that  fidget spinners are more than a toy because it becomes a connection with other kids. Fidget spinners also help students expel nervous energy. This is important because if they expel nervous energy they can probably be able to do better in school. All of this shows that fidget spinners are positive and helpful to kids in a learning environment.


Although there are many good things about fidget spinners, you should also consider  all the not so great stuff about fidget spinners. Not all kids need the same amount of sensory input ( fidgets) to be successful.  This shows that not all kids need fidget spinners to help them with problems in school. For some people, it could make it even worse.  Fidget spinners are a distraction for some people that don’t need them. It can cause them to do worse in school because it can make them  worried about the fidget and then take their eyes off the teacher.  This proves that fidget spinners have a negative impact on people. If they use it too much as a fidget it can become a toy instead of a therapy tool.   Toys are not allowed in school so this is a distraction, and it should not be allowed in school.  Overall, this shows the con’s of fidget spinners and how they are negative in a school environment and they can cause issues.

Schools have banned fidget spinners, because they have been focusing on the con’s instead of the pro’s.  Principals started banning fidget spinners from their schools because they are a distraction and they are unnecessary. Clearly, principals have been  listening to critics about fidget spinners. "Kids are trading them or spinning them instead of writing," Ellison said. This shows how they can not be useful in class and just become a distraction and this is why they made the ban; anyway a lot of people disagree with them.  A lot of people disagree with this ban because they didn't just start banning fidget spinners they started banning all fidgets. This could really affect kids with ADHD which could lead to them having trouble focusing.  This is a big controversy between people in schools today.

All these conflicting facts prove that fidget spinners cause disagreements.  Though there are pro’s and con’s most schools only focus on the con’s which lead to a ban of fidget spinners. This is wrong because there are people who need fidgets, and schools are taking it away from them. Maybe the school could take notice of each individual and focus on their needs and make  separate rules for them.


By Kaiser

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 11.26.09 AM.png

Do you think video games should be violent? In America you play video games a lot, but in China there are a lot of bans for playing video games.  In China they are changing certain parts of video games, because there are different restrictions, and so the future of video games is uncertain. The culture in China affects video games which is not the rule in America.

China is ending some  video game restrictions. China had banned consoles like Xbox and Nintendo from 2000 to 2015. The console ban was enacted (put in place) by China's cultural ministry “to shield its youth from the corrupting influence of games.” In 2015 China ended the ban. That meant 1.379 billion people get to play those games. The point of this is after they put video game restrictions they ended it and many companies are getting into China.

When Wizard101 is played in China they are changing things in the game. As Wizard101 is being played in China they are changing skeletal enemies into non skeletal enemies because there is a law against showing certain pieces of art that relate to exposed bones. “ Whenever we had a skeleton walking around, that was seen as being disrespectful for the dead,” according to an employee,  so they spent hours looking for bones to cover.  According to a worker at the game company, “there can’t be any sight of blood, so we make it black. There can’t be words like ‘kill’ or ‘die’, and use of English is banned.” This affects a lot of games like Wizard101, Pirate101, and many other violent games. In China there are more rules about games which means there making changes to American games.

In the future everybody in China has different opinions about how video games will grow. Authorities in China are banning Pokémon Go as well as similar augmented reality games. That means they’re continuing to put rules on gaming. However more and more  people are playing and companies are worried about addiction. One company named Tencent is planning to limit the time to be able to play games.  As Reuters  reports, “the Chinese internet will begin limiting play time for users below the age of 18 on Tuesday. Players under the age of 12 will be limited to one hour of playing per day and will be blocked from accessing the game after 9PM.” Tencent notes that “users between 12 and 18 years old will have a two-hour daily limit.” This could affect future video games because of addiction.

Making video games in China is hard because there are a lot of restrictions.  Now since China is ending restrictions they are changing parts to the video games like Wizard101. Nobody knows what is going to happen.  Americans may think these rules are very weird but in China it is normal.

Nintendo's First Lawsuit

By Faatima


The Nintendo Switch has been very popular ever since it came out. It sold out in almost every store! Nintendo has since made over 2 million dollars from the Nintendo switch. It is mostly known for its detachable controllers. Nintendo was doing so well with the switch along with the 3ds and Wii U. However Gamevice, a game company, has sued Nintendo for these detachable controllers.

On August 6th, 2017 Nintendo was sued by Gamevice for the Nintendo Switch’s design.

This is because Switch is too close to Gamevices design.  Even though the Switch and the Gamevice controller are different products, there may be some truth to this argument that the Switch is trying to compete with Gamevice products. The Switch is a device which the Nintendo users can use to play with at home and while they are on the go. The sides of the console’s controller are detachable. They can be attached to a tablet and can be carried anywhere.

The detachable controllers are what they have been sued for though. Gamevice is suing for damages for the “irreparable injury” caused to its business by Nintendo violating its patent, and the company is asking a court to block Nintendo from “making,  using, selling, and offering for sale the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo and Gamevice have been pretty quiet on the lawsuit with both refusing requests from multiple outlets to speak on the matter. This is showing that there is not much information on this lawsuit which is creating curiosity in the gaming community

The WikiPad and the Nintendo SwItch can actually be very similar to each other. One example is that they both have detachable parts (Nintendo has the detachable controllers and Gamevice has the detachable tablet). Along with that they both have a tablet that comes with it. Other than that there is not much that the Switch and the WikiPad have in common.

The results have been silent on this lawsuit. Will Nintendo have to pay or will Gamevice have to stop selling the Switch? The answer will come down soon.

The Starbucks Evolution

By Sami


Do you know how many people go to Starbucks every day? A little more than 5 million. Even though they have so many customers they are responding to competition from Panera and Dunkin' Donuts, and Starbucks used the unicorn frappuccino idea to draw in customers. Starbucks is making every move to deal with the competition and to pull in business.


Panera is trying to take Starbucks’ customers. According to Anna Dale, “Starbucks is still in the consumer mind a very coffee-led concept.” Panera offers a bigger menu for the customers. Starbucks Chief Executive Officer Kevin Johnson is “betting big on food.” He made a big deal in the news the other day about Starbucks food. Starbucks has added fancier menu items, including sous vide egg bites, for there is a better selection of food. This is so they will get more customers. Starbucks is responding to Panera by changing their strategy.


Dunkin' Donuts is also trying to take Starbucks customers. The first day of spring Dunkin' Donuts gave out free ice coffee. Starbucks chief executive made a big deal on food the other day. Despite building an identity as a coffee seller, food is still an important element of Dunkin' Donuts' offering. Starbucks brands itself primarily as a beverage provider that offers a more typical coffee house dining experience.  Starbucks is getting  hard competition from both places.


Starbucks began selling “unicorn Frappuccinos” as a way to pull in customers. They got they idea from Adeline Wauge after she made a video talking about her unicorn idea. Starbucks did this because they saw how many people were watching her video and loved it. Starbucks spokeswoman said there was no one we could interview about how they make a unicorn Frappuccino.

That’s because they did not want others to take their idea about the unicorn food. Starbucks is having a hard time with all of the competition  that they are getting, and because of that they're trying new things.

Starbucks is making every move to deal with the competition and to pull in business. Even though they have so many customers they are responding to competition from Panera and Dunkin' Donuts,and Starbucks used the unicorn idea to draw in customers. We will have to what and see if all the things that starbucks have done helps them succeed.  

Are You Ready for Halo 6?

By Aidan

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 11.06.38 AM.png

Are you a Halo superfan? 343i's new release to be announced in E3 2018, Halo 6, is theupcoming Halo game in the "Reclaimer" saga. This successful franchise is coming out with this new release, but the Halo Community has some speculations and wishes for it. There are still many questions and rumors about the next Halo, but we will find out the truth in 2018.

The "Halo" franchise is one of the most successful franchises on the Xbox consoles. The series has been around since 2001, and will "continue through the next 20 years," Franchise Manager Frank O' Connor says. The fact that the series has been around for so long shows that the franchise is very successful. The most popular Halo game is Halo 3 with over 12.1 million sales. This was Bungie's greatest release before 343 industries took over, and this shows that Halo is a great franchise. After Bungie left the development of Halo, 343 Industries took over and made Halo 4 and 5, which the fans didn't love as much. The sales in Halo were going down, and 343i was a bit more unsuccessful with the franchise. Halo has been successful for many years, but now that the sales have been going down, fans are hoping for a better story in the upcoming release.

Halo 6 is the new upcoming Halo game in its series. Halo 6 has no current release date, but it is to be announced at E3 2018. Instead, Microsoft has announced the Xbox One X. Microsoft announced this consle as a "teaser" to what Halo fans will be playing on. 343i is trying match the story of Halo 3, for it was thrilling and very exciting. The fact that 343i is trying to create a good story means they listen to their fans. Even though Halo 6 may be exciting, there are many wishes from fans.

Fans are very hyped for the next Halo but there are some speculations and wishes they would like in it. In the last game, there was no split-screen play, which is an iconic element in Halo. Fans are really hoping for this to return in Halo and hopefully 343i will do so. Also, in Halo 5, the story lacked the main character, Master Chief. The Halo community is dying to see if the next Halo will have this iconic character in the next story. It appears fans want more of the mode called "Firefight" at the launch, for in Halo 5 it was almost a year before firefight came out. The fans want this because they miss the old games that incorporated that game mode.This new game is getting a lot of excitement from fans, but we won't know if it will be the best until later.

There are still many questions and rumors about the next Halo, to be discovered in 2018. Even though Halo is a best selling franchise, with passionate speculation about its new story, new games may be stealing its fire in the future. Halo fans may get what they want, or be very disappointed.