It's hard to be successful in school.  Children must not only understand the explicit information and concepts that are delivered during classroom instruction, they are also expected to spontaneously develop a host of problem-solving and organizational skills.  For some children, the pieces simply fall into place; others, however, benefit from a bit more support.  That's why we offer a host of different services to support students throughout their educational careers.


Elementary Tutoring

We are big believers in the value of building robust foundational Reading, Writing, and Math skills in preschool and the primary grades. Strong decoding and comprehension skills, an understanding of writing structures, and well-developed number sense will help your child become a lifelong learner. We use our own game-based materials to deliver systematic instruction that is grounded in a variety of research-based approaches, interventions, and programs.

Subject Tutoring and Test Prep

Our private tutoring services are designed to help each student reach his or her full academic potential. Whether your child needs subject-level support, curriculum enrichment, test preparation tutoring, or increased self-confidence, our talented educators create an engaging and meaningful instructional experience that is grounded in each student's unique learning profile. Our goal isn't to help him or her ace the upcoming test; we aim to make content meaningful and memorable by teaching students learning strategies that foster long-term gains.



       Executive Function

Executive function skills are crucial for academic success. As a whole, they allow us to set goals; plan how to complete a project; prioritize tasks; organize time, materials and information; shift approaches flexibly; and hold and manipulate information in working memory and control their behaviors for task completion.  We help students who have difficulty with executive functioning develop ways to plan tasks, organize information, manage time and communicate effectively.